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Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music

Volume 17 (2011) No. 1

Published 2015

Table of Contents


Book Reviews

  • Cancionero mariano de Charcas. By Andrés Eichmann Oehrli. Madrid: Iberoamericana ; Frankfurt: Vervuert, 2009. Reviewed by Drew Edward Davies.
  • Le Motet à grand chœur (1660–1792): Gloria in Gallia Deo. By Thierry Favier. Paris: Fayard, 2009. Reviewed by Don Fader.
  • Music in Seventeenth-Century Naples: Francesco Provenzale (1624–1704). By Dinko Fabris. Aldershot, Hampshire: Ashgate, 2007. Reviewed by Louise K. Stein.

Musical Edition Reviews

  • Ballet de la Prospérité des Armes de la France. Edited by Gérard Geay. Cahier 210 “Orchestre.” Versailles: [Éditions du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles], 2009. Reviewed by Rose A. Pruiksma.
  • Artus Aux-Cousteaux. Octo cantica Divae Mariae Virginis. Plainchant restored by Jean-Yves Hameline. Versailles: Éditions du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, 2009. Reviewed by Peter Bennett.

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